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I hate to jump on the “it was a conspiracy!” bandwagon all the time, yet I like to play devils advocate, so I’m a walking contradiction. I just find when you call everything a conspiracy you lose a lot credibility. Like when you tell a loved one who just got diagnosed with cancer that ingesting cannabis oil will cure them, they might take you more seriously if you hadn’t talked about RF weapons, project bluebeam, and satanic rituals in the past- not to mention the tinfoil hats and the post-it note covering your laptop cameras. Not saying that RF weapons, project bluebeam, and satanic rituals are all bullshit, but not saying that they’re 100% fact either. I just like to throw the possibilities out there since the mainstream media tends to distract the masses, stick with “the official story” with a dual perspective to perpetuate the illusion of political difference…

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