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by Brian Andrews

August 16, 2011

In this remarkable video from Serbia (English transcript is below), Nikola Aleksic, Director of the Ecological Movement of Novi Sad, issues a stern warning to the president Boris Tadic to stop importing food based upon GMO and stop the chemtrail spraying, or he will call and personally lead the people of Serbia to the streets.  He concludes his speech by saying: “You can be sure that, I, Nikola Aleksic, will keep my word – even at the cost of my own life.”

Aleksic also implores the Serbian army to “defend you people and sky over Serbia”, and tells the people of Serbia  that now is no time to be cowards – they need to stand up for their rights for themselves and their children.

Here’s the transcript of Nikola Aleksic’s amazing speech:

National Assembly and the Government of Serbia,

The recent events surrounding the intentions…

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October 22, 2012

The Historical Background of the 3rd Balkan War (Yugoslav War)

Srebinica was an infowars media spectacle

Strong Iranian Serb relations

Russian Troops in Belgrade is what stopped NATO

NATO bases used for transporting Afghani Opium

Serbia was part of the Ottoman and Byzantine Empires
and has an affinity to Constantinople

Several Byzantine Emperors were Serbian

Inluding Dioclesian, and Constantines I and 8

Serbian empire in the Medieval Period:

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