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5-5-13Solar activity continues at near moderate levels with most flare activity being detected around Sunspot 1739. This region has produced numerous C-Class flares within the past 24 hours….continue LINK

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by Chillymanjaro
The Watchers
October 30, 2012

All eyes are focused on Sandy and its epic impact on US East Coast. All of you that are focused also on space weather events, probably have noticed that there is blackout of solar observing data providers.  The SDO, SOHO, STEREO and helioviewer sites are all offline. Websites are being taken offline for immediate access during the east coast storm. Goddard Space Flight Center is in the metro DC area, which will experience significant storm impact.

However, all solar data is still being recorded. Current space weather conditions are still being monitored by the GOES spacecraft.

X-ray levels recorded by NOAA/SWPC at Boulder, Colorado are showing quiet conditions but latest few days we could see some activity. Large solar flares could be observed. However, although they looked spectacular, there were no M-class or even bigger C-class recorded on its charts.

video clip: The magnetic…

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earth change affirmations

The September 28th Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) impacted Earth’s magnetic field at 22:20 UTC last night, September 30, 2012 sparking strong Geomagnetic storms at high latitudes today. A weak interplanetary shock wave hit Earth at 10:20 UTC followed by a stronger CME strike at approximately 22:20 UTC. Earth’s magnetic field is still reverberating in response to these impacts…LINK

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earth change affirmations

Underground Lightning May Cause Earthquake and Volcanic Events by Terrence Aym.
Created on: March 22, 2011   Last Updated: April 12, 2011

Emerging science of the titanic forces that trigger earthquakes and volcanoes suggests that underground lightning may play a significant role.
Earth is like a gigantic capacitor. The planet can be charged and discharged by rotating external electric fields that are in a state of flux.
The phenomenon of subterranean lightning traveling through huge deposits of quartz along earthquake fault lines may be at least part of the geology that triggers higher magnitude quakes and violent volcanic eruptions…LINK

Border of Arizona / Mexico – Pinacate Volcano — Erupts Steam Plumes…LINK
Volcanic Activity Resumes on Spain’s El Hierro Island…LINK
Indonesia’s Mount Gamalama Erupts, Spews Volcanic Ashes…LINK
Eruption of Fuego Volcano in Guatemala Forced 33,000 People to Evacuate…LINK
Other Volcanic Activity WorldWide, Sept…

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A group of scientists have put the world on alert that a massive solar flare could happen within the next two years that could harm power grids, communications, and satellites around the world. The scientists say that the risk of a massive flare that could harm systems on the earth increase as the sun reaches the peak of its 10-year activity cycle. The scientists say “governments are taking it very seriously.”

According to scientist Mike Hapgood, who specializes in space weather at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, solar storms are more commonly being placed on national risk registers used for disaster planning along with events such as tsunamis and volcanic eruption. Hapgood warns that while solar flares are rare, when they happen consequences on earth could be catastrophic. Magnetically-charged plasma thrown from the surface of the sun can have a significant impact on earth.

The chance of a massive solar storm…

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