Posts Tagged ‘Tensions’ By Christopher Read, University of WarwickAs the ultra-right and neo-Nazi thuggery of the Kievan fringes has spread to Sevastopol and Simferopol, Crimea’s political status as a proxy in struggles between Russia, the EU and the US has taken the spotlight off the plight of its inhabitants.To the West, Crimea’s people are Ukrainian whether they like it or not; and if they don’t shut up, Putin will pay for it. We are, sadly, already accustomed to sickening violence on Kiev’s streets and squares, but both western Ukraine and Crimea have become the new focus for various militant nutcases to attach themselves to the cause as parasites.Former Chechen fighters have apparently turned up in western Ukraine to promote the anti-Russian cause. Meanwhile, in Crimea, Chetniks, extreme nationalists from Serbia, have descended to helptheir Russian “brothers and sisters” in return for Russian support for Serbia in 1914, 1941 and the 1990s.The situation is a mess, and will be for as long as the West parades its trophy “prime minister” around its capitals – a prime minister imposed without election on a now…. Source: SBS

Silver Lining

by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya, source

The Pentagon is working to encircle Eurasia and to surround the Eurasian Triple Entente composed of China, Russia, and Iran. For every reaction, however, there is a counter-reaction. Neither one of these three Eurasian powers will sit ideally as passive US targets. Beijing, Moscow, and Tehran are all taking their own distinct counter-measures to oppose the Pentagon’s strategy of military encirclement.

In the Indian Ocean the Chinese are developing their military infrastructure under what the Pentagon calls the Chinese “string of pearls.” Iran is going through a process of naval expansion, which is seeing it deploy its maritime forces further and further from its home waters in the Persian Gulf and Gulf and Gulf of Oman. All three Eurasian powers, along with several of their allies, also have naval vessels stationed off the shorelines of Yemen, Djibouti, and Somalia in the geo-strategically important maritime corridor…

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The Extinction Protocol

September 23, 2012TOKYOChina has cancelled events to commemorate 40 years of diplomatic relations with Japan, further signaling its anger over a simmering territorial dispute. Japanese foreign ministry official Hiroaki Sakamoto confirmed that China has cancelled the events, planned for Thursday. He did not provide further details. China’s Xinhua news agency, citing officials with the China-Japan Friendship Association and another government-affiliated group, reported on Sunday that the events would not take place as planned. It said they would be held “at a proper time.” Calls to China’s foreign ministry were not answered Sunday. In its evening broadcast, China Central Television said the timing of the events was being “adjusted.” Relations have sunk to their worst level in years as the two sides spar over islands in the East China Sea claimed by both countries and by Taiwan. In the latest large anti-Japan protest in China, up…

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September 23, 2012

Seems like the usual culprits: Saudia Arabia, Qatar, Israel, and Algeria and Libya have played a role.
Gaddafi is missed.

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Hidden Agendas

Published on Sep 17, 2012 by AlJazeeraEnglish

US President Barack Obama is expected to meet Egypt’s leader Mohamed Morsi this week on the sidelines of the UN 
General assembly in New York.

Relations between the two countries have been strained ever since protestors — angered over an anti-Islam movie- 
stormed the US embassy in Cairo


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